Wednesday, August 20, 2008

French Subject Pronouns: Les Pronoms

The following are the French Pronouns or Les Pronoms. These are used as substitutes for nouns.

The following are Subject Pronouns.

Je : I

Tu : You

Il: He

Elle: She

Nous: We

Vous: You (plural or formal)

Ils/Elles: They (depending on gender)

Note that there is no "it" in French since nouns have gender they use il or elle to refer to those objects.

More about pronouns on the next entries.

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Diane said...

Nice, clear, easy to use blog. Love it! I found you through EntreCard. My Google blog (linked here) is about learning French, and I also have a blog about all languages at

I'm adding you to my favorites. I'll be back :-)

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