Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mot Du Jour: Portable (Cellphone)

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Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
portable /pɔʀtabl/
  1. adjective
ordinateur ~ laptop computer.
  1. masculine noun mobile (phone) GB;
    cellular phone, cellphone US.
A note to all readers: This might be the last of the Mot du Jour Series. I'm looking ways to find dictionary entries that wouldn't infringe any copyright. Until then this would be the latest from the Mot du Jour series.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mot du Jour: Crayon (Pencil)

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
pencil noun crayon m;
in ~ au crayon. pencil in:
~ [sth] in, ~ in [sth] écrire [qch] au crayon;
let's ~ in the second of May disons le deux mai pour l'instant.

pencil: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2009
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
pencil (writing implement)nmcrayon (pour écrire, dessiner)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
blue pencil
crayon bleu
blue pencilnmcaviar (Imprimerie)
blue-pencil (US)vcorriger ⇒
charcoal pencilnmfusain
drawing pencilnmcrayon à papier
eye pencilnmcrayon pour les yeux
eyebrow pencilnmcrayon (à sourcils)
lead pencilnmcrayon à mine
lip pencilnmcrayon (pour contours)
mechanical pencilnmporte-mine
pencil boxnmplumier
pencil casenftrousse
pencil casenmplumier
pencil cupnmpot à crayons
pencil drawing
dessin au crayon
pencil holdernmporte-crayon
pencil pusher (US)nmscribouillard (gratte-papier)
pencil sharpenernmtaille-crayons
pencil sharpenernmtaille-crayon
pencil strokenmcrayon (rature)
red-pencilvcensurer ⇒ (au stylo rouge)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mot du Jour: Chaussure: Shoe

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:

1. noun chaussure f;
(for horse) fer m.

2. transitive verb ferrer (horse).

shoe: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2009
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
shoe n (footwear) chaussure nf
populaire soulier nm
His shoe is on his foot.
Il a sa chaussure au pied.
* Il avait de nouveaux souliers.

Additional Translations/Traductions supplémentaires
shoe n (horse) chevaux fer nm
The horse needs new shoes. Call the blacksmith.
Le cheval a besoin de nouveaux fers. Appelez le forgeron.
shoe n (brake) système de freinage patin nm
The brake shoes on my car are badly worn and need replacing.
Les patins de frein de ma voiture sont très usés et doivent être remplacés.
shoes npl figurative (role) place, rôle sabots nmpl
It will be hard to fill her shoes.
Il sera difficile de chausser ses sabots.
shoe vtr (horse) chevaux ferrer vtr ⇒
You need a good hammer to shoe a horse.
Il faut un bon marteau pour ferrer un cheval.
Améliorer les traductions "shoe" ci-dessus.Cacher les phrases Afficher les phrases
Compound Forms/Formes composées
ballet shoe nf ballerine (chaussure - de danse)
ballet shoe nm chausson (de danseuse)
brake shoe patin de frein
brake shoe nm segment de frein
brogue shoe nm richelieu (type de chaussure)
court shoe (pumps) nm escarpin (chaussures)
golf shoe chaussure de golf
high-heel shoe chaussures à hauts talons
inner shoe nm chausson (de ski)
shoe department nm rayon chaussures
shoe leather (to save shoe leather) nfpl semelles
shoe making nf cordonnerie (fabrique ou réparation)
shoe manufacturing nf cordonnerie (fabrique ou réparation)
shoe polish nm cirage (cire)
shoe shine nm cireur de chaussures (personne qui cire)
shoe shine nm cirage à chaussures (produit)
shoe shop nm chausseur (magasin)
shoe store nm magasin de chaussures
shoe tree nf forme (pour élargir)
shoe-shine boy nm cireur (personne qui cire)
shoe-shine girl nf cireuse (personne qui cire)
soft shoe nm chausson (de gymnastique)
tennis shoe chaussure de tennis
tongue of a shoe nf languette
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mot du Jour: Biscuit (Cookie)

Image Source
Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
cookie noun

1. (biscuit) gateau m sec, biscuit m;

2. Comput cookie m.

cookie: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2009
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
cookie (sweet cake or biscuit) USnmbiscuit (petit gâteau sec)
cookie (sweet biscuit) UKnmcookie (petit gâteau moelleux)
cookie (stored information: computing)nmcookie (informatique)
Additional Translations:
cookie colloquialadjbanal
cookie colloquialadjbateau (peu original) familier
cookie colloquial, USnfjolie fille
cookie colloquialnmtype familier
cookie colloquialnmmec familier
Compound Forms/Formes composées
biscuit/cookie factorynfbiscuiterie
butter cookie (US)nmpetit-beurre (Alimentation)
chocolate chip cookie
biscuits aux pépites de chocolat
cookie cutternmemporte-pièce
fortune cookie
biscuit chinois
oatmeal cookie
biscuit à la farine d'avoine
shell-shaped cookienfmadeleine (food)

Frecnhs Song Series: A Few love songs

Here's an article with Five French love songs that you might be interested in:

Five French Love Songs That Will Make You Fall in Love Over and Over Again

There you'll find videos of the song and a little description about the song.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mot du Jour: Nettoyage (Cleaning)

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
nettoyage /netwajaʒ/ masculine noun
  1. clean(up);
    ~ de printemps spring-cleaning;
  1. cleaning;
    (of skin) cleansing;
    ~ à sec dry-cleaning;
  1. opération de ~ (colloquial) (by army, police) mopping-up operation.

nettoyage: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2009
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
nettoyage (rendre propre)nmcleanup (making clean)
Additional Translations:
nettoyage (rendre propre)nmcleansing (making clean)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
dispositif de nettoyage
cleaning device
nettoyage à vapeur
steam cleaning
nettoyage à sec
dry cleaning
nettoyage de canalisationsnmpipe-cleaning
nettoyage de chaudières
nettoyage de tapis
carpet cleaning
nettoyage des métauxnmmetal-cleaning
nettoyage des ruesnmstreet-cleaning GB
nettoyage des vitresnfwindow-cleaning
nettoyage du fusilnmgun-cleaning
nettoyage ethniquenmethnic cleansing
produit de nettoyagenmcleaning agent
solvant de nettoyagenmcleaning solvent

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

French Song Series: La Marsellaise (French National Anthem)

Here's a video of it with lyrics and translation

According to wikipedia:

"La Marseillaise" is a song written and composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg on April 25, 1795. Its original name was "Chant de guerre pour l'Armée du Rhin" ("War Song for the Army of the Rhine") and it was dedicated to Marshal Nicolas Luckner, a Bavarian-born French officer from Cham. It became the rallying call of the French Revolution and received its name because it was first sung on the streets by volunteers (fédérés) from Marseille upon their arrival in Paris after a young volunteer from Montpellier called François Mireur had sung it at a patriotic gathering in Marseille. A newly graduated medical doctor, Mireur later became a general under Napoleon Bonaparte and died in Egypt at 28.

The song's lyrics reflect the invasion of France by foreign armies (from Prussia and Austria) which was ongoing when it was written; Strasbourg itself was attacked just a few days later. The invading forces were repulsed from France following their defeat in the Battle of Valmy.

"La Marseillaise" was screamed during the levée en masse and met with huge success[citation needed].
Général Mireur, 1770-1798, anonymous, terra cotta, Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier, France.

The Convention accepted it as the French national anthem in a decree passed on July 14, 1795, but it was then banned successively by Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, and Napoleon III, only being reinstated briefly after the July Revolution of 1830.[1] During Napoleon I's reign Veillons au Salut de l'Empire was the unofficial anthem of the regime and during Napoleon III's reign Partant pour la Syrie. In 1879, "La Marseillaise" was restored as the country's national anthem, and has remained so ever since.

So remember this song if ever you go to France so that you could pay proper respects to the country.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

French Song Series: Les Feuilles Mortes (Dead Leaves)

Many might be familiar with this song because this had a English version: Autumn Leaves. Les feuilles mortes was written by renowned French poet Jacques and the music was by Joseph Kosma. The most popular interpretation of the song is by Yves Montand.

Here's a video of of Yves Montand singing the very wonderful song

Here are the lyrics of the song with translation.

c'est Une Chanson
qui Nous Resemble
to Tu M'aimais
et Je T'aimais

nous Vivions Tous
les Deux Ensemble
toi Qui M'aimais
moi Qui T'aimais

mais La Vie Sépare
ceux Qui S'aiment
tout Doucement
sans Faire De Bruit
et La Mer Efface Sur Le Sable
le Pas Des Amants Désunis

mais La Vie Sépare
ceux Qui S'aiment
and The Falling Leaves
tout Doucement
sans Faire De Bruit
drifted By The Window
et La Mer Efface Sur Le Sable
the Autumn Leaves
les Pas Des Amants Désunis

mais La Vie Sépare
ceux Qui S'aiment
tout Doucement
sans Faire De Bruit
et La Mer Efface Sur Le Sable
les Pas Des Amants Désunis

english Translation:
autumn Leaves

it's A Song
that Resembles us
you, You Loved Me
and I Loved You

we Lived Together
both Of Us
you Who Loved Me
I Who Loved You

but Life Separates
those Who Loved
very Gently
without Making A Sound
and The Sea Erases on The Sand
the Footprints Of The Separated Lovers

but Life Separates
those Who Loved
very Gently
without Making A Sound
and The Sea Erases on The Sand
the Footprints Of The Separated Lovers

but Life Separated
those Who Loved
very Gently
without Making A Sound
and The Sea Erased Under The Sand
the Footprints Of The Separated Lovers

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mot du Jour: Toilette (Toilet)

Image Source

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
toilette /twalɛt/
  1. feminine noun
    1. faire sa ~ [person] to have a wash;
      [animal] to wash itself;
      faire la ~ d'un mort to lay out a corpse;
    1. outfit;
      en grande ~ all dressed up.
  1. toilettes noun, feminine plural toilet GB, bathroom US.

toilette: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2009
toilette (faire sa toilette)ntoilette
toilette (habits)ntoilette
nfbed bath
nfjohn (toilette)
nflavatory (toilet)
nfbasin (lavatory)
nfcrapper (toilet)
toilette (équipement de plomberie)nfstool (plumbing fixture)
toilette (habillements)nfarray (outfit)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
armoire de toilettenfbathroom cabinet
cabinet de toilettenmbathroom (toilet)
eau de toilette
toilet water
eau de toilette
eau de toilette
faire un brin de toilettevfreshen up
gant (de toilette)nmwashcloth
gant de toilettenmfacecloth
nécessaire de toilette
toilet set
papier toilette
toilet tissue
serviette de toilettenfhand towel
siège de toilette pour enfantnmpotty-chair
table de toilettenfdressing table
table de toilettenfbasin
toilette (à l'éponge)nfsponge bath

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mot du Jour: démangeaison: Itch

Image Source

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
démangeaison /demɑ̃ʒɛzɔ̃/ feminine noun itch.

démangeaison: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
démangeaison (irritation, envie) nf itching

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mot du Jour: Le Ciel: Heaven

Image Source

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
ciel /sjɛl/, pl cieux /sjø/ masculine noun

1. sky;
carte du ~ star chart;
à ~ ouvert [pool] open-air;
[sewer] open;

2. heaven;
c'est le ~ qui t'envoie you're a godsend.

ciel: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
ciel (espace; météo)nmsky (space)
ciel (plafond)nmcanopy
ciel (Religieux)nmHeaven (Heaven)
ciel (arriver à l'improviste)vbe a godsend

Additional Translations:
ciel (être stupéfait)adjstunned
ciel (in exaspération, désespoir, etc.)exclgood grief
interjheaven of heavens
ciel (destin) littérairenmfate
ciel (plafond)nmcanopy
ciel (arriver à l'improviste)vbe a godsend
Compound Forms/Formes composées
arc-en-cielnmrainbow (colored arc)
à ciel ouvert (égout)adjopen
à ciel ouvert (mine) ( )adjopen-cast GB
à ciel ouvert (mine) ( )adjstrip US
à ciel ouvert (piscine musée)adjopen-air
bleu ciel
sky blue
carte du ciel
star chart
ciel bleu
blue sky
ciel bleu
couleur arc-en-cieladjrainbow-colored US
de couleur bleu ciel
en direction du cieladvskyward
en plein cieladvmid-air
gratte-cielnm invskyscraper
l'argent ne tombe pas du ciel (proverbe)
money doesn't grow on trees (proverb)
le septième cielnmseventh heaven (to be in seventh heaven)
plein cieladjmidair
remuer ciel et terrevmove heaven and earth
théâtre à ciel ouvertnmopen-air theater US
théâtre à ciel ouvertnmoutdoor theater US
truite arc-en-cielnfrainbow trout
vers le cieladvskyward

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mot du Jour: J'ai la fièvre (I have a fever)

Image Source

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
fever noun fièvre f;
to have a ~ avoir de la fièvre;
gold ~ la fièvre de l'or.

fever: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008
Principal Translations/Principales traductions
fever (Medicine)nffièvre (Médecine)
fever (nervous anticipation) figurative meaningnffièvre sens figuré
Additional Translations:
nffébrilité (État fiévreux)
Compound Forms/Formes composées
bring to fever pitchvsurchauffer (surexciter un auditoire)
dengue fever
fièvre de dengue
dengue fevernfdengue (fièvre, maladie)
glandular fevernfmononucléose infectieuse
gold fever
la fièvre de l'or
hay fevernmrhume des foins
hay fevernmrhume
in a fever
dans une fièvre
jungle fever
la fièvre de la jungle
q fever
fièvre Q
rheumatic fevernmrhumatisme articulaire aigu
rocky mountain spotted fever
fièvre pourprée des Montagnes Rocheuses
scarlet fevernfscarlatine
spotted fever
méningite cérébro-spinale
spring fevernffièvre du printemps
typhoid fevernffièvre typhoïde
typhus fevernmtyphus
yellow fever
fièvre jaune
fièvre jaune

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mot du jour: La main (Hand)

Image Source
Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
main /mɛ̃/ feminine noun
  1. hand;
    se donner or se tenir la ~ to hold hands;
    saluer qn de la ~ to wave at sb;
    haut les ~s! hands up!;
    demander la ~ de qn to ask for sb's hand in marriage;
    avoir qch bien en ~(s) to hold sth firmly;
    figurative to have sth well in hand;
    si tu lèves la ~ sur elle if you lay a finger on her;
    à la ~ [sew] by hand;
    [adjust] manually;
    fait ~ handmade;
    vol à ~ armée armed robbery;
    donner un coup de ~ à qn to give sb a hand;
  1. une ~ secourable a helping hand;
    une ~ criminelle someone with criminal intentions;
  1. avoir qch sous la ~ to have sth to hand;
    cela m'est tombé sous la ~ I just happened to come across it;
    mettre la ~ sur qch to get one's hands on sth;
    je n'arrive pas à mettre la ~ dessus I can't lay my hands on it;
    je l'ai eu entre les ~s mais I did have it but;
    être entre les ~s de qn [power] to be in sb's hands;
    prendre qn/qch en ~s to take sb/sth in hand;
    à ne pas mettre entre toutes les ~s [book] not for general reading;
    tomber entre les ~s de qn to fall into sb's hands;
    les ~s vides empty-handed;
    je le lui ai remis en ~s propres I gave it to him/her in person;
    de la ~ à la ~ [sell] privately;
    [be paid] cash (in hand);
  1. écrit de la ~ du président written by the president himself;
    de ma plus belle ~ in my best handwriting;
  1. avoir le coup de ~ to have the knack;
    se faire la ~ to practise (BrE);
  1. (in cards) hand;
  1. à ~ droite/gauche on the right/left.
~ courante handrail.
j'en mettrais ma ~ au feu or à couper I'd swear to it;
d'une ~ de fer with an iron rod;
il n'y est pas allé de ~ morte! (familiar) he didn't pull his punches!;
avoir la ~ leste to be always ready with a slap;
faire ~ basse sur to help oneself to [goods];
to take over [market, country];
en venir aux ~s to come to blows;
avoir la ~ heureuse to be lucky.

Mots du Jour: Geler, Surgeler, Congeler (To Freeze)

Due to a request by a reader here's on the proper use of the three verbs which means almost the same thing

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:

geler /ʒəle/

  1. transitive verb
    1. to freeze;
      to nip [plant];
    1. to freeze [salaries];
      to suspend [plan].
  1. intransitive verb [water, ground, finger, foot] to freeze;
    [plant] to be frosted.
  1. verb, impersonal il gèle it's freezing.

geler: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008

Principal Translations/Principales traductions



block (freeze)



immobilize (Finance)

Additional Translations:



suspend (freeze)



frost (damage by)



freeze (freeze assets)



freeze (water, liquid)



freeze up












make icy








chill (plant)

surgeler /syʀʒəle/ transitive verb to deep-freeze.

surgeler: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008







Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:

congeler /kɔ̃ʒle/

  1. transitive verb to freeze.
  1. se congeler reflexive verb (+ v être) to freeze.

congeler: WordReference French-English Dictionary © 2008

Principal Translations/Principales traductions





Additional Translations:




deep freeze

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Template for all the Readers and Other Updates

To all the readers of this blog, thank you for continuing on following and reading my blog. I have decided to use a new template for it for the reason that I want you readers to find it easier to browse through the lessons in this blog.

Anyway here are some of the new features of this blog.

1. An easy navigation bar.

From now on it will be easier for you readers to contact me, to ask questions from me, To ask help in translation professionally and to learn more French quickly. The Navigation bar is a good way for you to browse through this site and hopefully you'll keep coming back for more lessons.

2. New Services

From Now on the author will provide his professional translation service in this blog. Please check the blog entry on this one and if you are interested don't hesitate to contact me, because I could translate your French to English and vice-versa from anywhere in the world. Also I offer translations in Spanish so if you want too you may have documents translated in that language as well.

That's it for the meantime so now keep on checking for the newest updates in this blog.

The Author of this blog also accepts translations

For all of those who have translation needs, the author of this blog also accepts translations. Translation of documents both literary and non-literary texts in French and or Spanish are accepted by the author of the blog. Form ore information and rate please contact me and place on the subject line Translation Inquiry. Leave your full contact details (i.e. Full Name, Phone Number, E-mail and Address)Rates will be assigned depending on the job.

Pay via paypal here. Please refer first to the e-mail on how much you should be paying for the service. The Translator will set which type of work you should be paying as indicated in the field.
Also leave your name and e-mail address on the field required so I know who has paid already.

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Mot du Jour: Froid (Cold)

Image Source

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
froid, ~e /fʀwɑ/, /fʀwɑd/
  1. adjective cold;
    figurative cold, cool.
  1. adverb il fait ~ it's cold.
  1. masculine noun
    1. cold;
      coup de ~ chill;
      prendre ~ to catch a cold;
    1. coldness;
      ils sont en ~ avec moi relations between them and me are strained;
      jeter un ~ to cast a chill.
  1. à froid phrase démarrage à ~ cold start.
il fait un ~ de canard (familiar) it is bitterly cold;
donner ~ dans le dos to send a shiver down the spine;
ne pas avoir ~ aux yeux to be fearless.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mot du Jour: Pause-Café (Coffee Break)

Pause Cafe (f.):
Coffee Break

Prendre une pause-café: Take a coffee break
Prenons-nous une pause-café" Let's take a coffee break
Aller pour une pause-café: To go for a coffee break.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mot du Jour: Heureux (Happy)

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary © 2005 Oxford University Press:
heureux, -euse /œʀø/, /øz/ adjective

1. happy;
~ en ménage happily married;
très ~ de faire votre connaissance (very) pleased to meet you;

2. [ending] happy;
[proportions] pleasing;
[choice] fortunate;
[surprise] pleasant;

3. [winner] lucky;
‘il a réussi!’—‘encore ~!’ ‘he succeeded!’—‘just as well!’

attendre un ~ événement to be expecting a baby.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mot du Jour; la famille (family)

la famille: Family

Here are some expressions used with the word

avec ta famille

with your family







briseur de famille (péjoratif)


homewrecker pejorative

chef de famille

head of household

chef de famille

head of the family

chef de famille

head of the household

conseil de famille (conseil non officiel)

family meeting

conseil de famille


board of Guardians

de bonne famille


de famille (appartenant à la même famille)


connected (by blood: related)

de famille (de famille)



de la famille

of kin

en bon père de famille


en famille

en famille

enfant placé dans une famille d'accueil

foster child

entrer dans une famille

marry into

être dans la famille, être commun aux membres d'une famille

run in the family

famille d'accueil

foster home

famille d'accueil

foster parent

famille d'accueil


foster family

famille des plantes

plant families

famille du lys

lily family

famille heureuse


happy family

famille humaine

human family

famille nucléaire

nuclear family

favorable à la famille



homme qui aime la vie de famille


family man

lien de famille

home tie

membre de la famille royale


royal (member of royal family)

médecin de famille


house doctor

nom de famille


surname (family name)

nom de famille


last name

nom de famille


name (last name)

pension de famille


private hotel

placement en famille d'accueil



quelque chose à écrire à la famille à propos de


something to write home about

situation de famille


marital status

vie de famille


home life

vie en famille



voiture de famille


house car

Here are the French words for the different members of the family

English French English French
father un père mother une mère
brother un frère sister une soeur
son un fils daughter une fille
husband un mari wife une femme
grandfather un grand-père grandmother une grand-mère
grandson un petit-fils granddaughter une petite-fille
cousin - male un cousin cousin - female une cousine
uncle un oncle aunt une tante
nephew un neveu niece une nièce

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mot du Jour: Faire du Ski (Go Skiing)

Image Source







skier (faire du ski)

Compound Forms/Formes composées

member of the ski patrol



ski boot

chaussure de ski

ski boots

chaussures de ski

ski boots


chaussure (chaussures de ski)

ski goggles


masque de ski

ski jacket


veste de ski

ski jump


saut à ski

ski lift


téléski (Sport)

ski pants

pantalon de ski

ski pole

bâton de ski

ski race

course de ski (ski de fond)

ski tow


tire-fesses (Sport)



remonte-pente (dispositif pour monter les skieurs)

water ski (sports and leisure)


ski nautique (sports et loisirs)

water-ski (sports and leisure)


ski nautique (sports et loisirs)

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