Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reflexive Verbs

Reflexive Verbs are Verbs that take action upon themselves. It is usually used when the verb is about the body or has something to do with clothing. Reflexive Verbs are always used with Reflexive Pronouns

Here are some common Refelxive Verbs. Make sure you check the Conjugation Guide.

s'approcher de

to approach


to sit down

se baigner

to bathe, swim

se brosser (les cheveux, les dents)

to brush (one's hair, one's teeth)

se casser (la jambe)

to break (one's leg)

se coiffer

to fix one's hair

se coucher

to go to bed

se couper

to cut oneself

se déshabiller

to get undressed

se doucher

to take a shower

se fâcher

to get angry


to get dressed

se laver (les mains, la figure)

to wash (one's hands, one's face)

se lever

to get up

se maquiller

to put on makeup

se marier (avec)

to get married (to)

se moquer de

to make fun of (someone else)

se moucher

to blow one's nose

se peigner

to comb one's hair

se raser

to shave

se regarder

to look at oneself

se reposer

to rest

se réveiller

to wake up

se souvenir de

to remember

There are two separate tasks when conjugating reflexive verbs. First, take the reflexive pronoun se, change it to agree with the subject of the verb, and place it directly in front of the verb. Then, as with all verbs, you must conjugate the infinitive according to whether it's an -er, -ir, -re, or irregular verb.

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