Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Le Conditonnel: The Conditional Tense

The conditional mood is one of the easiest to conjugate. Iy tells if an event is likely to occur but hasn't happened yet. In English this would be the equivalent of "would".

Le Conditonnel is formed by using si clauses which is equivalent to if..then statements.

To form the conditional of -ER and -IR verbs, add the appropriate ending to the infinitive. For -RE verbs, drop the final E before adding the ending.

Singular Plural
1st person je -ais nous -ions
2nd person tu -ais vous -iez
3rd person il -ait ils -aient

Here are the verbs with irregular conjugation

Verb Conditional stem Similarly-conjugated verbs
acheter achèter- achever, amener, emmener, lever, promener
appeler appeller- épeler, jeter, projeter, rappeler
aller ir-
avoir aur-
devoir devr-
envoyer enverr-
essayer essaier- employer, ennuyer, nettoyer, payer
être ser-
faire fer-
pleuvoir pleuvr-
pouvoir pourr-
savoir saur-
venir viendr- revenir, devenir, parvenir
voir verr- revoir
vouloir voudr-

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