Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Magical Post for all who Read this Blog

First of all thank you to all who visit this blog and I hope you have learned quite a lot of the French Language already. As you may have noticed a lot of the posts here are related to grammar and the daily things that could be useful to us.

I've decided that I should add more other stuff here to keep you interested in learning French. This post will be about magic since I'm a magician and I think that a lot of good magicians are French speakers, so in order for you to understand them when they perform, here are a few words that they always use.

Tour de magie: Magic Trick

magicien/nne: Magician

Les cartes: Playing Cards

L'as: Ace

Le Valet: Jack

La reine: Queen

Le roi: King

Le trèfle: club or clover

Le pique: spade

Le carreau: diamond

Le coeur: heart

So when you say Ace of Spades you say "L'as des piques".

Other words related to magic:

la baguette magique: Magic Wand

disaparaître (v): vanish

les pièces: coins

léviter: levitate

For you to fully enjoy the magic, here are my videos on Youtube that you could watch and enjoy. Although it is in English I hope you remember the French terms used in magic.

Until the Next Lesson,


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