Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Les Partitifs: Partitive Articles

Les Partitifs are used when constructing sentences with the verbs Manger and Boire. It is used to indicate an unknown quantity, its nearest English equivalent is some or many.

Here are les Partitifs

Du: for Masculine Nouns
De la: For Feminine Nouns
De l': For nouns beginning in vowels or H muet.
Des: Plural Nouns

Why use partitive articles? Well this is used because when we eat or drink we consume only a certain amount of food.


Je mange du gateau: I eat cake.

Tu bois de la bière: You drink beer.

Il boit de l'eau: He drinks water.

Elle mange des bonbons: She eats candies.

However when used with quantifiers, the partitif is changed into de only


Je mange beaucopu de gateau : I eat a lot of cake.

Tu bois un verre de bière: You drink a glass of beer.

More lessons soon.

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